Online Payments: PayPal, Stripe

Online payment systems integration

This is one of the most rapidly developing spheres of information technology. We stay up to date with its progress and implement online payments where required by our clients. We are able to work flexibly and securely with payments and tariffs and can receive not only one-off payments from clients, but also sell products and services by subscription which have monthly or annual fees.


Our team possesses extensive experience in successfully integrating PayPal into functioning websites. We can automatically withdraw customer payments associated both with one-off purchases and purchases by subscription. We know PayPal API inside-out, we are familiar with its functionality and we are able to securely install PayPal on a website as a primary or additional payment system. Payments can also be made in test mode to check the functioning of the system.


This American startup that quickly became a “unicorn” is developing rapidly. We are able to fully manage all of the Stripe functions using the API: to create and delete clients and to receive payment data. An excellent system of web hooks enables flexibility and reaction to deferred events, generated by the payment system. We use special Stripe test credit cards to test the passage of payments.