PHP: YII, Laravel, Symfony

PHP back-end development based on the frameworks

We love complex projects and tasks. Indeed, this is the reason that PHP-frameworks were created in the first place. Our company uses them to create large, scalable projects and this saves us time in the development phase. Web sites that function on frameworks are able to withstand a heavy load, and this is why we love them.


We can front-end develop HTML templates and embed pre-made design. We have excellent knowledge of migration mechanisms: control, cancellation of migrations and database conjunctions. We provide maintenance support. Our experience includes development of heavy load projects IN different areas. We use real time commet-servers, video streaming servers, p2p technology, remote background streaming data processing workers, semantic search technology, parsing and background data processing.


The Laravel framework is considered to be one of the front-runners, ideally suited to corporate projects. Within the framework, we successfully employ Composer to update and install software packages as well as to add new libraries. Using ready-made software significantly reduces development time and increases its reliability. We also perform unit testing, which enables us to avoid regression errors. Our company uses REST architecture, including for separation of work with GET and POST requests.


Symfony is a set of PHP components that enables us to create scalable high-perfomance applications. Thanks to preinstalled components, we are free to experiment and work in the RAD environment. Symfony API interfaces allows easy integration of third-party applications into our code, as well as use of other popular frameworks such as AngularJS. Our company exploits all the benefits of Symfony, including its modularity and ability to speed up the development process by applying ready-made solutions.