Web Applications Development

Web Applications Development

We love Web most of all. The Internet has changed our lives, and it is thanks to the Internet that our company, established in Europe, is able to serve its customers in the US. Web applications address users directly. We successfully develop applications in wide range of areas, including finance, insurance and medicine.


We compile the customer’s requests in a technical document. This provides a clear and concise action plan covering all stages of development. Our engineers assist in drawing up the complete technical assignment according to the description of the functional. They also consult on problematic areas and may suggest alternative functional solutions for business processes.

Adaptive layout

Adaptive website layout improves the attractiveness of the website in the eyes of its visitors. Simultaneously, the bounce rate decreases and viewing time increases. Adaptive layout affects traffic growth. The result of our work is an HTML5/CSS3 layout using Media Queries and CSS Flexboxes based on valid, documented and multi-browser code.


We are well aware of the principles and peculiarities of search engines. In creating Web applications our team pays particular attention to search optimization. We build the website structure in such a way as to allow search engines, primarily Google, to easily find the website according to key queries. We know how Google reacts to texts, tags and server headers. We operate robots.txt in order to manage the web indexing process.