EMR systems

Development of EMR / EHR systems

Our company entered the US market primarily as a as a developer of healthcare software. Since the outset, we have been developing software for doctors and clinics as well as software for patients. We are well aware of how strictly the law regulates this area of business. Don’t worry- you will not have to explain us what HL7 or ICD-10 is.

Data Security

In developing EMR systems we are guided by the following principles:

  • Confidentiality. Patients’ records are confidential. Therefore, no unauthorized person may access them.
  • Control. The patient controls access to his or her records. He or she may provide access to a record and withdraw such authorization once their treatment has come to an end.
  • Legal value. A patient’s records are a thorough transcription of all the steps taken on behalf of that patient. They are therefore considered to be an integral and accurate source of information about such steps.

Providers' Data

Electronic medical records are an essential element of the healthcare industry. The problems concerning data exchange between the medical services providers and of single patient access to all of his or her personal data remain unsolved across the board, and yet the quality of healthcare is directly dependent on these factors. Our company deals with these issues by deploying computerized medical orders to order medicines and an electronic prescription, granting patients online access to their medical records. We guarantee acquisition of a legal status and fulfillment of conditions by hospitals and other parties. In that way, we facilitate online access of authorized persons to patients’ electronic medical records.

Compliance with HIPAA

Ensuring a patient’s security requires maintaining confidentiality. The term “confidentiality” means that e-PHI remains unavailable or undisclosed to unauthorized persons. Patient security also involves maintaining the integrity and accessibility of electronic PHI. “Integrity” means that e-PHI is not modified or destroyed in an unauthorized manner. “Accessibility” means that e-PHI is available only to authorized persons upon request. In accordance with HIPAA guidelines, we guarantee the following:

  • Confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all electronic PHI that are created, received, maintained or transmitted;
  • Identification and elimination of potential threats to security or integrity of information;
  • Protection from unauthorized use or disclosure of information;