Custom Software Development

How do we create the best systems?

Nothing is impossible. We are able to plan, create and maintain any type of software. It’s only a matter of time and money. Applying the concept of flexible teams, we mobilize the necessary human resources in the shortest time possible to solve even the most challenging problems. We don’t take on one-off tasks because our company is geared towards constant cooperation and building sustainable working relationships.

Power of Agile

We apply Agile methodology in developing software. We break the development process into small parts (sprints), which takes about 3 weeks. Breaking up the process helps us to produce a ready-made functioning version of the product that meets the customer’s requirements. Development is carried out by small groups of developers who know one another well and who are in constant communication.

Code standard

We comply with PSR-1/PSR-2 standards. This increases the comprehensibility of the code, and reduces the level of occurrence of new developers. We refactor the code on a regular basis to render it simple, readable and understandable. If a customer requires commenting on a code, we gladly do so according to the customer’s demands.


We develop all software by applying the version control systems alone – GIT. This helps us to deploy several versions of a software on different servers, in order to adjust and cancel development sites and to flexibly manage access permission for the developers. If the version control system happens to be associated with the task tracker (as in the case of Jira), the customer has a complete overview of the development process at his or her fingertips.