Kashirin Software Portfolio

Physician’s Solution

It's a patient information management system that provides medical offices with a sophisticated yet easy to use method for entering and storing patient's health information electronically. Physician’s Solution manages this information through every step of treatment, from scheduling initial appointments to noting treatment procedures, while also handling message review and labs, prescriptions and refills, claims, collections and reports.

  • Automate lab result acquisition.
  • Automate integration of EKG, Echocardiographs and other cardiovascular and imaging modalities.
  • Automate incorporation of test results into patients’ charts as well as other data collection.
  • Easily convey diagnostics and procedure results to hospitals.
  • Import Pacemaker, Loop Recorder, AICD, and Holter data to patient chart.
  • Manage test orders and prescriptions.


It's a service that allows you to access your medical profiles, instantly, particularly in emergency situations. By scanning the QR code with the phone or tapping the NFC tag with an NFC enabled phone, or logging into the service on the website, you can access your medical profile 24/7. You have a choice to carry a card and/or bracelet with a QR code and embedded NFC chip to tap. This will enable you to share critical medical information to emergency first responders and medical personnel when you need it most.

  • Architecture: PHP 7, MySQL, Yii2
  • Technologies: Yii2 advanced template, Amazon AWS & EC2 integration, Stripe payment system, Nexmo integration, REST API
  • Mokeup: adaptive design, native mobile controls, device depended views
  • Frontend Frameworks: jQuery, JQuery-UI, Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Fancybox, High Charts, Imperavi Redactor, CKEditor, Select2