About Us

About Kashirin Software


Our company was established in 2015 in Lithuania, Northern Europe. We have been working with American customers from the outset, helping them to develop EMR systems. In 2017, we decided to enhance our presence in the US market and founded a new company in New York – Kashirin Software Ltd.


Every one of our company managers is a developer with at least 10 years of programming experience. We know what we are doing.

Konstantin Kashirin

I began working as a programmer in 1988. I attract and guide smart people. My main goal is satisfied customers. I love people more than machines and digits.

Volodymyr Karshakov
Partner / 3000

I have been working in the field of information technologies for more than 15 years. I have experience in programming, training and administration. Web technologies have become a part of my life, I like to be creative and I like the work and projects that I create.



Manziuk Oleksii

Roman Pas
Full time / developer

Victor Bryk
Full time / developer

Manziuk Oleksii
Full time / developer

Volodymyr Nykyforov
Full time / developer

Pasichnyk Dmytro
Full time / developer

Key Executives and Advisors

Anastasia Cherneha

Active, purposeful and sociable. I love meeting new people, so it wasn’t by chance that I ended up working in this sphere! I'm interested in IT because it influences our daily lives and is everywhere around us.